Ellie Stamp, immersive performance superstar for Coney, shares her London To Do List

Ellie Stamp, immersive performance superstar for Coney, shares her London To Do List

So, this is our exclusive interview with the talented interactive artist Ellie Stamp; Immersive Performance Maker, Creative Manager of ‘An Adventure Map’ by Coney and Member of StampCollective. She gives us the London lowdown including her favourite haunts, upcoming projects and much more…

What are you up to at the moment!?

Presently my life is full to the brim with the making of ‘An Adventure Map’ with Coney which goes live from 5th July. As well as StampCollective’s new top secret {real life imaginary playground} which will be shown as part of larger three-week immersive extravaganza. All I can reveal now is it’s throughout August in a London location. Follow us on twitter @stamp_coll to find out more.

What are your secret haunts in London?

When I’m not creating playful adventures, I frequent a few secret havens, which I am happy to share with To Do list. I am always looking for entertaining experimental performance and live music that doesn’t cost the earth. I am an avid attendee of Stoke Newington International Airport – an independent arts space and bar with regular monthly events. Their next event entitled ‘Musical Dolphin Night’ is on the 30th June.

I love the Dentist turned venue – 33 Chatsworth Road – with its array of events, yummy food and mind-blowing music. This Sunday night I will be seeing the Mak Muritc Ensemble, the 14piece band mixing Big band Jazz and Balkan Brass in the Dentist’s garden, as part of the Clapton Festival running this weekend.

Where do you go to get away from it all?

I live in Clapton, Hackney, and enjoy riding my bike to Lee Valley Park, greenery, picnic-ing and cow spotting with friends as good activities for the soul and the purse. I confess that I often go on long walks, with no smart phone and the intention of getting lost. A wander like this led me to the tasty delights of the Rochelle Canteen, situated behind a brick wall on Arnold Circus, Shoreditch.

If you want to discover more secret locations of London be daring and try ‘An Adventure Map’ I can guarantee it will lead you to many.

What are you looking forward to seeing/doing this summer?

This summer is bonkers there is so much to do it’s a little frightening. Here’s what I’m planning seeing in the next month or so. I’m trying to squeeze in as much of other brilliant performances programmed by LIFT festival. I recommend ‘You Once Said Yes’ by Look Left look Right- get a ticket if you can.

I am also really excited about Made In China’s new show Get Stuff Break Free which opens 25th June and runs to the 4th July in a secret rooftop location which is part of the watch this space programme.

StampCollective are premiering our new performance game, ‘Trump or False’ at Hide and Seek’s Sandpit on Monday the 18th June in the South Bank Centre. Come and play with us!