2013 Edinburgh Fringe To Do List - The Unmissable Guide to the Fringe!

2013 Edinburgh Fringe To Do List – The Unmissable Guide to the Fringe!

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Bring On The Edinburgh Fringe!

We’re jetting up to the Edinburgh Fringe next week, and we’ll be sharing with you the best quirky, offbeat, and downright amazing events at this years festival!


Check out the great shows we’ve picked out for you below, and we promise that if you tick off even a few of these, you’ll be a happy haggis. Watch out for the pictures with the red To Do List ticks – these are the shows we especially endorse!

Go on, knock yourselves out with fab fringe festivity!

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Adam Buxton copyAdam Buxton: Kernel Panic – ★★★★½
2-5 August | 10:30pm | £16 | Assembly Hall

COMEDY – TV’s Adam Buxton considers how we present ourselves in the net age. If you like BUG, you’re bound to love this! Our Review Here

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Edinburgh Fringe 2013 - Aaoron TwitchenAaron Twitchen’s Princess Guide to Dating
2-5 August | 7:15pm | FREE | Laughing Horse @ Bar 50

COMEDY – One stop how-to-date shop for aspiring 21st century wannabe princesses.

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Edinburgh Fringe 2013 - Bitch BoxerBitch Boxer
18-25 August | 11:30am | £10.50 | Pleasance Courtyard

THEATRE – We loved this one-woman show at the Soho Theatre last year, and it’s bound to be a massive Edinburgh Fringe success!

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Edinburgh Fringe 2013 - Bo BurnhamBo Burnham: What
9-19 August | 11:15pm | £13.50 | Pleasance Courtyard

COMEDY – We tipped him for stardom back in 2010, and he only went and won the Edinburgh Comedy Awards’ panel prize!

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Edinburgh Fringe 2013 - Carly SmallmanThe Appalling Carly Smallman
31 July-25 August | 7:30pm | £5-10 | Gilded Balloon Teviot

COMEDY – Does she really work for NASA? Does she really binge eat in public changing rooms? A stand-up show with songs exploring the chaotic events leading to Carly’s Edinburgh Fringe debut…

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Edinburgh Fringe 2013 - CassetteboyCassetteboy vs DJ Rubbish
2-25 August | 12:30am | £11-12 | Pleasance Dome

MUSIC – Check out the YouTube videos, then head to the Pleasance Dome to catch Cassetteboy teaming up with “Peckham’s biggest idiot”. Part comedy club, part disco, all party!

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Edinburgh Fringe 2013 - ChampChamp
1-26 August | 2:30pm | £10-15 | Assembly Roxy

THEATRE – Three struggling actors working as kids entertainers meet their nemesis in the form of a “vicious, mischievous and dastardly little boy” whose one mission is to make their lives hell.

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Untitled-1Claudia O’Doherty: Pioneer – ★★★★
31 July-26 August | 9:50pm | £6.50-11.50 | Pleasance Courtyard

COMEDY – The 2012 Edinburgh Comedy Award Nominee returns with a spectacle of “horror, amazement, learning and of course, Jeremy’s Hour” Our Review Here

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Edinburgh Fringe 2013 - Credible LikeableCredible Likeable Superstar Rolemodel
1-25 August | 5:45pm | £7-13 | Pleasance Dome

PERFORMANCE ART – Award-winning artist Bryony Kimmings presents “dinosaur-loving, bike riding, tuna pasta-eating, alternative pop star Catherine Bennett” – is the world ready for this?

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Death Ship 666Death Ship 666! – ★★★★
4-25 August | 10:45am | FREE | Laughing Horse @ The Free Sisters

COMEDY/THEATRE – The Titanic parody by which all others should be measured! “Where anything that can go wrong, does go wrong… and explodes!” Our Review Here

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Edinburgh Fringe 2013 - Die Roten PunkteDie Roten Punkte – KUNST ROCK – 
1-25 August | 8:55pm | £5-12 | Assembly George Square

CABARET – Berlin’s prince and princess of indie rock hit the Edinburgh Fringe in advance of their upcoming feature film. A “sonic collision between B52’s, Kraftwerk and early Ramones – one of the most irreverent and hilarious gigs you’re ever likely to see.” Our Review Here

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Edinburgh Fringe 2013 - Entertaining Mr OrtonEntertaining Mr Orton
11-17 August | 8:25pm | £11.50 | C Venues – C

THEATRE – Celebrating what would have been Joe Orton’s 80th year, Martin Mulgrew’s new play imagines Joe’s life in the style of one of his own plays – so it’s all “sex, murder, lies and a halibut”.

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Edinburgh Fringe 2013 - Guilt & ShameGuilt & Shame: Addicted to Everything – 
1-25 August | 10:45pm | £6-9 | Underbelly, Cowgate

COMEDY – Guilt & Shame’s Up All Night was one of our highlights of last year’s Edinburgh Fringe. Now they’re back with a new show which promises pumping music, dance numbers and rapping transvestites! Yes please! Our Review Here

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Edinburgh Fringe 2013 - Gym PartyGym Party
12-25 August | 6:30pm | £10 | Summerhall

THEATRE – “A razor sharp, slightly dark three-way battle to the death” which promises to be a massive hit at one of our favourite Edinburgh Fringe venues, Summerhall.

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Edinburgh Fringe 2013 - HolesHoles by Tom Basden
4-25 August | Various Times | £10-20 | Assembly George Square

THEATRE – How’s this for a premise: “three conference organisers and a teenage girl are the sole survivors of a fatal plane crash on a remote tropical island.” Intrigued?

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Edinburgh Fringe 2013 - Hunt & DartonHunt & Darton Cafe
3-25 August | 10am | FREE | Pleasance Hunt & Darton Cafe

THEATRE – Interactive performance/installation and fully-functioning cafe all-in-one – perfect if, like us, you struggle to find time for a snack between shows!

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Edinburgh Fringe 2013 - Karl SchultzKarl Schultz: Start The Karl
1-25 August | 4pm | £5 | Heroes @ The Hive

COMEDY – “The Titanic of all weddings. Think Nelson Mandela personally tearing down the Berlin Wall. If you can. The first character-based show to be filmed by drone”.

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Edinburgh Fringe 2013 - KnightmareKnightmare Live – ½
31 July-25 August | 5:30pm | £7-11.50 | Gilded Balloon Teviot

EVENT – Can this really be happening! Knightmare returns at the Edinburgh Fringe, live onstage for the first time. For geeky people of a certain age, this might just be the highlight of your adult life! Our Review Here

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Edinburgh Fringe 2013 - LadybonerLadyboner
31 July-26 August | 4:50pm | £8.50-10.50 | C Venues – C Nova

COMEDY/CABARET – “Australia’s favourite weirdo sparkle puppy Lisa-Sky is a glittery drag queen trapped inside a goth girl’s body.” Don’t take the kids to this, they may be scarred for life…

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Edinburgh Fringe 2013 - Magic FarawayMagic Faraway Cabaret
2-25 August | 10:50pm | FREE | The Voodoo Rooms

CABARET – Body of Burlesque, Dave the Bear and Mister Meredith compere an ever-changing line up of the Fringe’s best burlesque, variety and sideshow.

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Edinburgh Fringe 2013 - My Name Is SueMy Name Is Sue
12-26 August | 2pm | £13.50-14.50 | Underbelly, Bristo Square

COMEDY – An award-winning cult musical – Sue brings her “virtuosic piano skills, soaring falsetto and her faithful backing band” to the Edinburgh Fringe to tell tales of economic bus travel, Cardiff-based Armageddon and the work of Julia Roberts.

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Edinburgh Fringe 2013 - Oh My IrmaOh My Irma
1-25 August | 6:45pm | £6-11 | Hill Street Theatre

THEATRE – If you’re after a dark, twisted comedy, then this part murder-mystery, part absurdist adventure will be right up your alley. Be prepared squirm with laughter whilst teetering on the edge of your seat.

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Edinburgh Fringe 2013 - Ontroerend GoedOntroerend Goed: Fight Night –
1-25 August | Various Times | £12-19 | Traverse Theatre

THEATRE – Ontroerend Goed return to the Edinburgh Fringe with Fight Night, “an immersive exploration into the intricacies and traps of voting systems and mediatized democracy.” Our Review Here

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Edinburgh Fringe 2013 - Party PieceParty Piece
2-24 August | 10:30pm | £5-8 | Bedlam Theatre

THEATRE – “Four good friends. One last party. One last chance to get more f*cked than the time before!” We’ve all been there…

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Edinburgh Fringe 2013 - David MorganPretty – David Morgan
31 July-25 August | 7pm | £6-10 | Underbelly, Bristo Square

COMEDY – Apparently, David Morgan wishes he was pretty. Erm, mate, take a look in the mirror! (Woah, went all Aussie there!) Anyway, funny stuff about learning to deal we’ve how you look.

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Edinburgh Fringe 2013 - Rachel ParrisRachel Parris: The Commission
1-25 August | 4pm | FREE | Laughing Horse @ The Counting House

COMEDY/CABARET – Musical comedy can be a bit meh! or it can a bit wow! This will be a bit wow! Londonist called her “Tim Minchin in a frock” – we reckon she’s better than that!

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Edinburgh Fringe 2013 - Sandi ToksvigSandi Toksvig: My Valentine
3-11 August | 4pm | £14 | Pleasance Courtyard

COMEDY – Ah, Sandy, it wouldn’t be Edinburgh Fringe without you! Our favourite gay, Danish/British comedienne in the world, bar none.

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Edinburgh Fringe 2013 - Squally ShowersSqually Showers
2-24 August | 9pm | £12 | Zoo Southside

THEATRE – To Do List favourites Little Bulb Theatre return to the fringe with Squally Showers, a suitably quirky exploration of “dance theatre and the political whirlwind that was the 1980s – a fantastical balletic farce of politics, power, loneliness and love”.

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Edinburgh Fringe 2013 - StuartStuart: A Life Backwards
31 July-26 August | 3:30pm | £7-14 | Underbelly, Bristo Square

THEATRE – Alexander Masters, a reserved, bookish member of the educated middle-classes, relates the life story (backwards) of Stuart Shorter, a chaotic, violent, motormouth homeless man from Cambridge.

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Edinburgh Fringe 2013 - Vacuum CleanerThe Vacuum Cleaner
12-24 August | 9:05pm | £8 | theSpace on North Bridge

THEATRE – Ferodo Bridges hit the Edinburgh Fringe with this mind-expanding re-imagination of how theatre can (and maybe should?) work. We really can’t recommend this enough – SEE IT!

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Edinburgh Fringe 2013 - Wrestling IIWrestling II
13 August | 11pm | £15 | Pleasance Courtyard

EVENT – For one night only, comedians, wrestlers and, erm, blood combine for a “death-defying clash between good and evil”.

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Edinburgh Fringe 2013 - Step Back in TimeTrash Cuisine
19-26 August | 3:30pm | £12 | Pleasance Courtyard

THEATRE – Belarus Free Theatre returns to the Edinburgh Fringe with a no-holds-barred new production that explores and challenges the use of capital punishment in modern society. Not for the fainthearted.

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Edinburgh Fringe 2013 - Two Thirds BelowTwo Thirds Below
13-17 August | 3:30pm | £7 | Gryphon Venues at the Point Hotel

DANCE/PHYSICAL THEATRE – Lovers of ‘challenging’ performance take note: 2/3 Below promise to ‘deconstruct’ without spitting, vomiting or cutting themselves. Instead, five women try to keep things civilized, asking the question: “what is the correct and socially acceptable way to behave when faced with a crisis?”

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Edinburgh Fringe 2013 - When We EmbracedWhen We Embraced
3-7 August | 11:30am | £8-11 | Northern Stage at St Stephen’s

THEATRE – A s how about two people, or everyone, or you – or all of the above. “It’s about all that stuff that doesn’t fit into our neatly constructed categories. That thing where there isn’t a word for it, where you’re lost for words. But that’s OK.”

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Edinburgh Fringe 2013 - WunderkammerWunderkammer – Circa
31 July-26 August | Various Times | £12-18.50 | Underbelly, Bristo Square

CIRCUS – Circa has been our highlight of London Wonderground this year, and we can’t wait to see them bringing their skills to the Edinburgh Fringe with Wunderkammer: “a cabinet of wonders; a place where a collection of curiosities and rarities is exhibited”.


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