Sixty seconds with our new comedy drag phenomenon: DRAGS ALOUD


Loserville is stoked to catch up with Australian offbeat drag sensation Drags Aloud. Their uniquely biting show is entitled SHOW GURL and we can’t recommend it enough! It’s on at the Edinburgh Fringe at the “BELLY DANCER” UNDERBELLY, COWGATE – AUGUST 18 – 28 2011, 22:20PM tickets here. We love their definition of showgurl:

showgirl (n). a mythical creature of beauty, talent and poise adorned in feathers and spangles

showgurl (n). what remains when it all goes bollocks up

DRAGS ALOUD: SHOWGURL takes a glittering look into the mystical world of the SHOWGURL in her many manifestations: beauty queen, model, dancer, burlesque star and more.  Over the top sequences are punctuated by poignant, dramatic and comic stories from each artist as they each tell the tales of how they were drawn to the drag stage.

Armed with their trademark stiletto sharp satire, Drags Aloud take a swipe at man-made sex symbols and society’s obsession with body image, beauty and glamour, all presented with their signature over-the-top costumes, irreverent wit and their trademark hilarity; along with the story of the most famous showgirl of them all.

We caught up with the GURLs and here’s what they had to say…

Q:  You haven’t spared us much time.

A:  We have a very short attention span.

Q:  Who are you?

A:  We are Kris del Vayze, Jessica James and Amanda Monroe.  Collectively we are Drags Aloud.

Q:  Where are you from?

A:  Australia.

Q:  How are things Down Under?

A:  That’s getting a bit personal isn’t it?

Q:  What has brought you to Edinburgh?

A:  A British Airways flight, a taxi, and our new Fringe show – Drags Aloud: Showgurl.

Q:  What’s it about?

A:  A satirical, laugh-a-minute, and very tongue in cheek exploration of man-made sex symbols, body culture, beauty and glamour.  And its all wrapped up in feathers, sequins, over-the-top costuming and fabulous music.

Q:  So, it’s a fun show then?  Lot’s of laughs?

A:  Its self-wettingly funny.

Q:  Is there any sauciness to the show?

A:  Plenty of sauce – we strip in this show… doesn’t get much saucier than that.

Q:  How about surprises?  We all love surprises.

A:  If we told you, it wouldn’t be a surprise.  But let’s just say “maybe”.

Q:  Do you get the audience involved in the show?

A:  No.  We’re spotlight whores; we don’t like to share our spotlight with anyone else.

Q:  Where can we see this show?

A:  In the Underbelly in Cowgate.  Every night from Aug 18-28.

Q:  Thank you for your time.

A:  Is that it?  All over?  Right girls, lets get to the off-license before it shuts.