Down to the sea…you and me…

We’re tired of the smog and the muggy mugness of the city. We’re packing up our summer megamix cassettes and off on the road tomorrow to Brighton to catch the last weekend of the Brighton Festival Fringe.

Things we may do…

Fringe City | 21 May | 1-4pm | New Road

This is the last remnants of the rather spectacular Streets of Brighton festival and includes: daredevil acrobatics, comedy, slapstick, surreal encounters and our favourite Paka and the horse – a fire breathing horsey themed walkabout show (see video below).

Playgroup Pop Up Brighton | Until 30th May | Hectors House

We love a good pop-up venue and their eclectic programme is eccentrically brilliant including events lovingly entitled: Performance art madness at An Evening of Unnecessary Research, Noise Toys & Stay Sick: Tiki, Surf, Voodoo Party!.