sleepwalk collective - domestica

★★★★★ DOMESTICA by Sleepwalk Collective at Battersea Arts Centre Review

We all wanted to stick our oar in for this mind-melting ★★★★★ show by one of our favourite performance provocateurs, Sleepwalk Collective.

So we did.

In script form.

Sadly the show is no longer at the BAC in London, but you can see it around the country until 20 October 2016 (why not get out of London and go for a day trip, it’s worth it!) and then in Valencia, Spain. See the tour schedule here.

Laura: In the challenging and intelligently formulated Domestica, Sleepwalk Collective once again encourage the audience to turn back on themselves. This is a critique and exploration of the nature of art and theatre; that is simultaneously innately artful and theatrical. It is a very clever creation.

Rupert: But Laura aren’t you forgetting about the history of women as told through the show’s cast of three, referencing 100s of forgotten women and female tropes in art and life.

Laura: Some references may wash over us, some may be pertinent. There is a lot going on.

Rupert: Yes I know what you mean, for me it was a supernova of colour, smoke, light & sound, masterfully edited and crafted into a 70 minute explosion.

Laura: One particularly tongue in cheek reference to the live ‘dead’ person and the static ‘live’ animal seem to sum up the show in a way.  We as an audience are looking for the opposite of the world whilst we also look for a reflection of it…. ‘Let the world in’ we are told. And we are transfixed in the moment.

Rupert: Yes definitely Laura, I loved that cheeky nature! I also loved the tingle I got from the overwhelming sound and intense choreographed sections, which left me awestruck.

Stuart: You guys! I really liked it, can’t really explain why, end of!

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