Dining Room Drawing Club at SLAUGHTERHAUS

Dining Room Drawing Club at SLAUGHTERHAUS

Pop-up art production a la Warhol’s Factory! A whole day drawing and preparing for an exhibition in our secret Victorian Warehouse space in Stockwell. First come first served…email diningroomdrawingclub@hotmail.com get the places.

Spend a day in a lovely space, drawing – and meeting people, and talking about drawing – and making work for a proper exhibition to be held in that same space that same evening, for one night only.  This Saturday, 9th June, 20 artists will spend a day in a space in Kennington, drawing, making work and transforming it from plain old Victorian warehouse, to palace of Drawn Delights…

 (anything goes, but no sinks = nothing wet).

 The evening show will start at 7pm.

Please feel free to invite everyone you can to the evening show. As you’ll see on 9th the space can accommodate a good number, especially if we use the outside space to show work too. It would be great to fill it up. It’ll be the only chance people have to see the work too.