9 Things We Learnt at the Dash Arts Dacha at Latitude Festival

9 Things We Learnt at the Dash Arts Dacha at Latitude Festival

The Dash Arts Dacha at Latitude Festival was part of Dash Blaze, and featured musicians & performers from Ukraine, Russia, Armenia & Belarus!

Here are just some of things we leaned spending time at the Dacha (a Russian summer house)…

5 Learnings About Art & People

1. Art creates community

The Dash Arts Dacha was a creative hub which felt accessible to all and yet presented some potentially complex social & historical landmarks in Russian history.


2. Attention to detail is key for a successful immersive event

Latitude 2014 082 copy

3. Dash Arts provides a platform for unsung hero artists from overseas.

Latitude 2014 126

4. Interactive play reading is fun for all the family, and introduced us to the incredibly droll work of Maxim Gorky.

Latitude 2014 023

5. It is possible to time travel in a tent near Ipswich!


4 Unforgettable Events in the Dacha

6. Sasha Ilyukevich encouraged the audience to bark like a dog…


7. Elena Dana sang the most beautiful Russian folk songs…


8. Russian disco is dark, and the dancing is extravagant!

Latitude 2014 201

9. No-one does Russian punk quite like Zverstvo…


Be sure to catch Sasha Ilyukevich and the highly skilled migrants at Rich Mix on 30th July 2014 at 7.30pm!