Theseus Beefcake

To Do List Daily: Theseus Beefcake – Wed 9 March

Joseph Mercier and Jordan Lennie ooze testosterone in Theseus Beefcake, a macho romp mashing up mixed martial arts, death metal, American frat culture, rodeos, pornography and Greek mythology.

They Say: A hero and minotaur are locked in the ultimate death match. Theseus Beefcake journeys into the dark labyrinth of masculinity.

PanicLab’s Joseph Mercier and Jordan Lennie push against their personal thresholds of pain and pleasure in this unforgettable duet exploring masculine excess, fantasy, friendship and competition.

Stuart Wilson


I am Joint Editor at To Do List. I like: nice pubs, film marathons, not doing real marathons, bad comedy, plays/musicals with shorter second halves, and the Oxford comma.