Red Bastard

To Do List Daily: Red Bastard – Mon 22 Feb

Big, bold and beautiful – Red Bastard is not for the weak of mind or easily sweaty of palm. WARNING! This Man Will Make You Feel More Alive Than You Ever Knew Possible!

Red Bastard brings his unique brand of motivational clowning to the Arts Theatre – be prepared, be scared, be… honest. Trust us, you don’t want to tell this man any lies!

Red Bastard is “a dangerous, seductive comedy monster”. His sell-out show has toured North America, Europe and Australia, and brought magic & mayhem to the Edinburgh Fringe back in 2013, when we gave him ★★★★½ (we’re very protective of our fifth star)!

Be prepared for an hour of the most riveting, mind-expanding, uncomfortable, provocative, funny, sad, life-changing brilliance you could possibly imagine.

Not for the faint of heart, the easily offended, or the smug – this is a theatre experience like no other, which might just change your life. Or at least, your relationship status!


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