Creepy Boys at Edinburgh Fringe ★★★★

Creepy Boys at Edinburgh Fringe ★★★★

★★★★ Creepy Boys | Summerhall | Aug 11-13, 15-20, 22-27 | 10pm

Creepy Boys at Edinburgh Fringe ★★★★ 1

Unnerving, comic clowning from S.E. Grummett & Sam Kruger as twin boys celebrating their 13th birthday as only a pair of horny little devils can!  

If ever a piece of Fringe theatre might be said to act as an effective contraceptive, Creepy Boys could be it. If you’re on the fence about parenthood, the risk of bringing up this pair of satan-worshipping little shits could put you off having kids for life.

Grummett & Kruger are suitably creepy as devilish twins running rings around their babysitter Sharon, charging forward into their teenage years in a funky cloud of Willem Defoe worship and a naughty-boy thrill at 2000s sexy songs.

This is a birthday party like no other, taking surprising twists and turns into dark imagined futures and glimpses of formative past experiences. 

Be prepared for a dangerous game of truth or dare, where the audience could find itself prone and powerful in equal measure. Be prepared for anything really, except boredom. No chance of that with these creepy boys.