CRASHED - UFO crash in Notting Hill - Be part of the team to investigate...

CRASHED – UFO crash in Notting Hill – Be part of the team to investigate…

Anyone old enough to remember the original immersive theatre experience that took over the Trocadero’s basement? Oh yes, long before Punchdrunk, Shunt & You Me Bum Bum Train there was Alien War, an interactive gun fest for teens everywhere.

So we we’re especially excited to receive an invite to CRASHED by ImmerCity and hope you will come along too.

Here’s the deal:

CRASHED | 19- 27 July 2013 | Lowerwood Court Car Park, London, W11 1EU | £15/10 (also preview deals)

A UFO has crashed in an abandoned car park in Notting Hill. This bizarre object is being analysed by Crashed & Co, an independent company recruited by the government to investigate. There are currently no signs of any life forms.

Crashed & Co has been granted exclusive permission to give audiences a once in a lifetime tour of the crash site. This company would like to assure any parties interested that nothing untoward should happen during their tour, as the situation is completely under control

This is not a hoax. This evidence is available to all.

From the creators of the critically-acclaimed Wyrd comes an immersive experience that is out of this world!

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