Interview: King of Neon: Chris Bracey

Interview: King of Neon: Chris Bracey

Interview: King of Neon: Chris Bracey 1Chris Bracey has been the Neon Man for 37 years, creating iconic art pieces for superstar artists including David la Chappelle & Martin Creed.  Bracey’s work includes new & used neon fantasies, salvaged signs, vintage neons, old movie props and retro displays.

Interview: King of Neon: Chris Bracey 2Right now in Soho, Bracey is exhibiting new pieces and archived works from his vast collection, encompassing iconic key pieces from his three decades of work in art, fashion and cinema. We asked him some questions, he answered below….

His new exhibition/shop ‘God’s Own Junkyard’ is FREE to browse, and it’s open in Soho now and until the end of January (10am– 8pm Mon-Sat, 10am – 5pm)

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Tell us about your favourite secret/offbeat places in London (food, going out, entertainment, relaxation)?

My favourite place to eat is the Chelsea Arts Club, a meal with Terry DeHavilland and Christian Furr, or a drink in the Phoenix, Charing Cross Road or the Groucho Club.

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Lucha Britannia at the Resistance Gallery is a great night out Mexican Wrestling.

Going to Kensington Gardens with my wife Lyn and my 5 grand children on a Sunday afternoon.  Free parking on a single yellow line, no congestion charge and playing with the kids on the pirate ship, I’m always Captain Hook, it’s free to get in.

What’s your ultimate London confession?

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My ultimate London confession is in the 70’s, I serviced the entire Soho sex industry, most of my clients were East End villains.  When the Cray brothers mother died and they had the funeral most of my clients were on the news paying their respects at the grave.

I was also interviewed by the CID about why at every stake out in Soho I would be going in and out of these places. I told the CID these were all my clients, they thought I was involved somehow but nothing ever happened.  I was just making sexy neons. My stuff is so pimped up already, but I am working on designs for clothing with my artwork on.