Cheese - A Bicycle-powered Site-specific Theatre show... In a Giant Cheese!

Cheese – A Bicycle-powered Site-specific Theatre show… In a Giant Cheese!

CHEESE (a play) by Nikki Schreiber | Floor One, 29-31 Oxford Street | 10 – 28 September | 7.30pm | £15

Just added to our Weekly To Do List, we’re excited to preview CHEESE, Nikki Schreiber’s bicycle-powered, site-specific curiosity!

The Story: “Joe and Freya have it all: the job, the car, the house made of Emmental in an up-and-coming part of town. Sure, they have the odd disagreement over the best way to make fondue – but they’re living the dream, more or less.

Then one morning, the cheese runs out. There’s no explanation and someone seems to have changed the rules overnight. So Joe sets off on a journey through a labyrinth of cheese hole tunnels to investigate; he finds unexpected laboratories, factories, casinos – and some worrying clues that he had more to do with the cheese disappearance than he originally thought.”

We Say: Cheese promises to be a humorous adventure through the twists and turns of an absurdist system which is too big to fail – we’ve all felt like we’re stuck in the middle of something like that, although perhaps without all the fromage! Prepare for a political comedy about the end of the world as we knew it, and what happens next…with emmental a-plenty!

Intriguingly, Cheese is powered by electricity generated in gyms and community centres local to the performance venue – so, for once, green cheese is nothing to be sniffed at (ha ha ha… we’re so funny!)

For more info on post-show events, including a debate on the energy future of the UK, check out