Lali at Vault Festival

Review: Lali at Vault Festival by OPIA Collective ★★★½

Jet-black wit and pin-sharp writing combine in Lali, a twist in the tale riot. Delve into one woman’s leap into momentary madness, locking herself in a rich family’s Wendy house and discovering the family’s secrets.

Siegfried and Joy

Review: Siegfried and Joy – Las Vegas in London ★★★★★

There were moments of gold and there were flashes of light, as Siegfried und Joy provided an hour of endless pleasure, high-octane dad dancing and hilarious magic that didn’t fail to miss a beat.

Jordan Gray

Review: Jordan Gray: Is It a Bird? ★★★★★

From her brain and her mouth, Jordan Gray: Is It a Bird is an incredibly witty and intelligent show that shines a light onto society’s double standards on trans rights. 

Wasteman - Photo by Corinne Cumming

Review: Wasteman at VAULT Festival ★★★★★

Wasteman is an irresistible, uplifting, Northern drag odyssey, packed with original writing and A-list performance prowess.