Giffords Circus - Carpa

¡Carpa! by Giffords Circus – Review – ★★★★★

Cal McCrystal is back, with rural Mexico as his theme, for the Giffords Circus 2022 show, ¡Carpa!

The Paradis Files - white woman with shoulder length dark hair stands in the middle of an ornate gold frame parted by red curtains. She wears an ornate, 18th century teal dress, smiling proudly, and with her right arm and hand held up as if she’s clicking her fingers. Either side of her/the frame, three women and 1 man stand, with their hands/arms in a similar pose, wearing shades of brown and beige. Two empty ornate throne style chairs are at the front of the photo.

The Paradis Files – Review – ★★★★★

A touching 70 minute triumph harnessing the power of blind people, unravelling difficult mother daughter relationships, and championing accessible opera for all. Photo credit: Patrick Baldwin The Paradis Files | Southbank Centre then touring | 13-14 April then tour Jenny…

Bacon at Finborough Theatre

Bacon at Finborough Theatre – Review – ★★★★★

Bacon at Finborough Theatre is a masterclass in acting, directing and writing in this touching, hyper-realistic and messy love story.