The Low Line

Low Line Launches in London’s Bankside

A world-class pedestrianised route evoking New York’s High Line, the Low Line in Bankside hopes to be seen as a world-class walking route in the capital…

sleepwalk collective - domestica

★★★★★ DOMESTICA by Sleepwalk Collective at Battersea Arts Centre Review

We all wanted to stick our oar in for this mind-melting ★★★★★ show by one of our favourite performance provocateurs, Sleepwalk Collective.

steakhouse live

Steakhouse Live’s Katy Baird on the most outré festival in town

We caught up with the artist and producer Katy Baird to talk about Steakhouse Live a madcap 24 hour festival party full of the strange wonderful world of new Live art and performance.