9 To See at Camden Fringe

9 To See at Camden Fringe

Not going to Edinburgh Fringe?

Don’t fret there’s some incredible DIY theatre and comedy still to come in August as part of Camden Fringe 2017.

Love Letters to Asia | Camden People’s Theatre | 14 August | 7.15pm

9 To See at Camden Fringe 1

Satisfy your wunderlust with a fresh, fun and experimental journey around Asia inspired by the young Northern company’s experiences.


5, 6, 7, 8, a Steps musical | Upstairs at the Gatehouse | 14-19 August | Times vary | £12/10

9 To See at Camden Fringe 2

Cheesy as fondue? Manufactured pop? Who cares, we loved Steps and can’t wait to stomp along to their hits in this new musical comedy.


Daniel Simonsen | The Bill Murray | 14-27 August | Various Times | 

9 To See at Camden Fringe 3

Terrific deadpan oddball comedy from this Norwegian funnyman. Don’t miss.


Pluto | The Cockpit | 14-17 August | £10/8

9 To See at Camden Fringe 4

‘A quirky tale of friendship, labels, and space dogs!’ – what more could you want!


The Mosquito and the Bear | The Lion and Unicorn | 14-15 August | 5pm | £5

9 To See at Camden Fringe 5

A bonkers show about a bear, a burrito and it’s own journey of self discovery.


The Trouble with Scott Capurro | The Bill Murray | 15-17 August | £10/8

9 To See at Camden Fringe 6

To Do List favourite Scott Capurro is life enchancing, provocative and not afraid of dealing with the big issues but with a delightfully dark and camp sense of humour.


Gone Off | The Cockpit | 17-19 August | £10

9 To See at Camden Fringe 7

‘An unabashed celebration and historical exploration of the queer club culture of the 1970s to raise awareness around the diminishing footprint of London’s LGBTQ-centric social scene’


The Checkout | Hen and Chickens Theatre | 26-27 August | 4.30pm | £8

9 To See at Camden Fringe 8

The touching and witty story of Liz a mum who inexplicably lies down at ASDA during her weekly shop.


Penetrating Europe, or Migrants Have Talent | The Cockpit | Saturday 26 August, 7pm;  Sunday 27 August, 5.30pm

9 To See at Camden Fringe 9

An migrant talent show using a combination of real stories and amazing artistic talents, from soulful folk singing to dodgy magic tricks.

‘It’s up to our plucky migrants to persuade YOU, the Great British Public, to let them stay in the UK! So get ready to vote to keep your favourites and kick out the rest!’



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