C-R-U-X: The Hopkins St Disturbance - art-music-tech-party

C-R-U-X: The Hopkins St Disturbance – art-music-tech-party

C-R-U-X: The Hopkins St Disturbance | Part 1 : Saturdays Feb 9, 16, 23 & Part 2 : Saturdays Mar 9, 16, 23 | Doors 7-11pm Show 8 -10pm | Zero 1 Gallery (black door opposite the bins), Hopkins St, SOHO London | All guests will be asked to give £5 toward costs

Sound – Light – Action – Science

ENTRANCE Knock 3 times on the black door – in the long brick wall – opposite the bins. When it opens say the magic word ‘Co-Activate’

They say:

C-R-U-X is a radical cross-disciplinary collaboration between music, performance and technology.

Largely improvised and experimental in approach we disturb old habits and unlock new potentials. Our aim is to create new work and encourage connections between individuals and groups across the city.

Each action is 2 hours in duration, performed live in a small TV/ sound studio and broadcast to an invited audience, who observe the process on large screens in the adjacent gallery/ bar area. Performers and audience are connected and communicate via CCTV.

Guest performers and musicians interact with electronic soundscapes provided by the C-R-U-X house band, and explore immersive light environments created by guest mappers, interactive programmers, VJs & FX designers.

Performers, audience and crew mingle together before, during and after the show. The central motivation is to connect with like minded folk, future friends, associates and collaborators. Guests are invited to return on subsequent weeks to take part in the project.