Bush Bazaar - Exclusive Announcement from StampCollective

Bush Bazaar – Exclusive Announcement from StampCollective

Bush Bazaar | Theatre Delicatessen at Bush Theatre | 31 July – 18 August Mon – Sat – Entry time slots: 7.00pm and 8.30pm | £10 and £8 conc.

We are thrilled to announce that StampCollective are performing as part of the amazing interactive spectacular Bush Bazaar with Theatre Delicatessen, where you decide which performers get your door money.

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This summer Theatre Delicatessen is unearthing a new and wondrous world at the Bush Theatre; the world of Bush Bazaar, where market traders rub shoulders with fortune tellers, stock brokers and white-coated doctors in a fantastical environment where anything could happen. The event itself will house over 12 different companies and take over every inch of the Shepherds Bush Theatre – which is in the old library building.

Bush Theatre Says:

We invite you, challenge you, to enter this world, inhabited by an eclectic array of performers who have taken over the space and are selling their wares. It is up to you whose performance gets your cash. As you roam the building you will decide what each piece is worth and pay your way however you want to – by haggling, bartering, begging or stealing.

Ellie Stamp from StampCollective Says:

We are launching our brand new website, which has a lovely video for our WeFund campaign. We are trying to raise money to pay our collaborators and performers a monetary gesture. We have a lot to say about payment within the arts and value placed upon peoples work, we are artists, but we have bills just like everyone else.