Introducing Genderqueer Fashion Label: Bull & Dagger

Introducing Genderqueer Fashion Label: Bull & Dagger


As the UK’s first genderqueer fashion label Bull & Dagger announce their first collection, To Do List interviews founder Meera Amin…

Reclaiming the derogatory term “Bulldagger”- a slang term for masculine-identifying lesbians – Bull & Dagger is the UK’s first gender-blending fashion label: queer,androgynous, trans, non-binary, gender free, fluid, neutral & non-conforming.

Bull & Dagger salutes those who refused to be defined by anyone but themselves, and looked damned good while doing it – not exclusively for women who gravitate towards bow ties and button-up shirts, but for anyone who embraces fashion as a form of self-expression and an extension of self.

We caught up with founder Meera Amin to talk about the story of Bull & Dagger…


Our Story –  I came out as a gay woman three years ago and have since become increasingly visibly gender non-conforming. I’m occasionally asked to leave the women’s changing room because I don’t look female, and struggle to find the masculine clothes that I like in sizes that fit. Putting to use my background in business analysis and research, I discovered that I am not alone in having these frustrations and decided to do something about it. I have spend the last 9 months developing Bull and Dagger – the UK’s first genderqueer fashion label, and we will be presenting our first collection at Fashions Finest off-schedule show during London Fashion Week. We will begin full production in the next couple of weeks and launch fully in April. 

What genderqueer fashion means to me – Clothing for individuals who are gender nonconforming; those who feel that their gender identity does not fit into socially constructed “norms”.

The inspiration behind my work –  I am inspired by a desire to create fashionable high quality clothing for those who are not catered for by traditional menswear and womenswear. I believe that individuals should have the right to express themselves through the way that they dress and that gender nonconforming individuals deserve to wear fashionable clothing that suits not just their sense of style but their body type too.

What should people expect to see at our show –  Expect women in impeccable masculine tailoring, men in skirts, bold colours, clever stitching and flamboyant patterns that elevate an outfit to an art form.

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