Bubble Waffles, Poutine, Raw Dough, Sliders & Seitan: 5 London Food Crazes

Bubble Waffles, Poutine, Raw Dough, Sliders & Seitan: 5 London Food Crazes

From Soho’s bubble waffles to Deptford’s dirty vegan feasts London is in a fast food frenzy.

Check out our 5 latest discoveries in this mouth-watering post…

1. Bubble Waffles

Hong Kong’s light airy waffle goodness has arrived in London with a humungous range of traditional flavours including fruit and green tea as well as the western pimped up ingredients including Nutella, Oreos and Peanut Butter. We recently queued at Bubblewrap, which is phenomenally busy tiny kitchen on Wardour Street. We came, we ate, we took a waffle selfie.

3 places to try bubble waffles

  1. Bubblewrap (Wardour Street nr Piccadilly Circus): The queues go round the block and the options available are insane including when we went, strawberry cheesecake ice cream,ย green waffles and
  2. Nosteagia (Boxpark Shoreditch, Shoreditch High Street and 94 Picadilly, Picadilly Circus): Yummy bubble tea x bubble waffles including traditional flavoured ice creams like matcha tea.
  3. Bake (Wardour Street, Piccadilly Circus): Bake does fish shaped waffle cones. The end.

2. Poutine

This Canadian delight mixes chips, cheese curd and gravy into the ultimate comfort food. We may have invented ‘Chips and Gravy’ but this takes the dish to the next level.

3 places to get yummy poutine

  1. Blue Caribou Canteen (Pop up)ย This Mancunian food truck recently made their London debut and oh boy do these boys’ flavours sing.
  2. The Cheese Bar (Camden Stables Market, Camden Town): The cheesiest bar in town! Their short rib poutine is nearly as popular as their fondue.
  3. The Poutinerie (Brick Lane Sunday Market – Pop Up): We have been recommended this stall in the comments section of this article. Richard calls it ‘THE absolute best in London’ Check it out POUTINE LOVERS!

3. Raw Dough

If you’re a fan of Ben & Jerry’s cookie dough ice cream you must have dreamt of getting your lips round the pure dough. Popular on it’s own in America, raw dough has come to London.

Where to try raw dough

Naked Dough (Old Street Underground Station): Add sprinkles to your dough in this Silicon Roundabout popup.

4. Sliders

Don’t you just love feeling like a giant and holding a slider between your finger and thumb? Ok it’s just us. But sliders are back.

Try next-gen sliders at:

Bite Me Burger (Soho and Holborn): Quirky chef Adam Rawson has injected fun and flavour back into the mini-burger scene.

5. Seitan

We have reached a veggie food renaissance with the ultimate vegan junk food going mainstream. Choose from fried chicken style tenders, triple burgers or even wings!?

3 places to get dirty veggie food

  1. The Full Nelson (Deptford): The ultimate vegan junk food hang out. You gotta try it! (See picture above if you don’t believe us).
  2. Temple of Seitan (Hackney Central): ToS has pioneered the vegan fried chicken movement. Hail Seitan!
  3. Biffโ€™s Jack Shackย (Pop up): Home of the juicy jackfruit. Find where they’ll be next here.

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