Blingo - Hip Hop Bingo

★★★★★ Blingo – Hip Hop Bingo

Blingo – Hip Hop Bingo


Proud Camden & Brixton

Monthly-ish – Next Dates: Thu 29th March & Fri Apr 27 | £8-14 | Book Tickets

A non-stop party megamix of hip hop bling and cheeky swagger!

Grandma Flash and her 87 year old Mr Lover Lover, Harry, set the tone for a night of high-octane hip hop hilarity. Leave your inhibitions in the Stables Market as you journey into the whirlwind of a night out that is BLINGO.

It’s loud, it’s brash, and you can win a lot of CASH (well, a case full of fake dollars anyway). The hosts take you on a nostalgic journey through 90s/2000s RnB and hype up the audience into a frenzy of desperate dabbing. Our hosts give energy, attitude and swagger to the proceedings and have their tongues firmly in cheek.

★★★★★ Blingo - Hip Hop Bingo 1

For the future though, it might have been nice to make slightly more of their unnamed female bingo babe, and perhaps ramp up the one liners a bit – but the visual gags are sublime.

The bingo itself is fast-paced, fun and has plenty of surprises, from big silly prizes to confetti explosions. Make sure you’ve got the numbers if you win though, as otherwise you’re declared a LOSER in front of the 300 strong crowd!

★★★★★ Blingo - Hip Hop Bingo 2

With crazy prizes and phat choons spun, this unstoppable party is a great night out for big groups. A little more space wouldn’t go amiss but the crammed-in nature forced us to meet new people!

Blingo Crowd

Our 3 Top Tips

  1. Arrive early to get comfortable and don’t bring too much stuff or SUITCASES. It’s a packed night but full of fun people.
  2. Eat beforehand to line your stomach and give you the all-important BINGO STRENGTH.
  3. The lip sync is mega fun so put your name in the bag.

Have you been to Blingo – Hip Hop Bingo? What did you think?