We’re off to Bestival – join us on Facebook and Twitter for live updates…

We are more than excited to be covering our favourite big festival: Bestival. We’ll be there with bells on bringing you the best of Bestival’s lesser known acts, superb oddities and some exclusive pictures and live updates. To make the most of our coverage please follow us on Twitter here or like us on Facebook here.

Here’s the top 5 things about Bestival:

1. The Big Fish: The Cure & Bjork. Nuff said.

2. The Little Fish: We can’t wait to discover some great unsung heroes and meet up with some Loserville friends including Lorraine Bowen, Brigitte Aphrodite and many more.

3. The sheer number of stages and hidden acts is incredible.

4. Fancy dress is not optional.

5. If you’re not off to the festival catch it on Sky Arts 1 (it’s even in 3D!).