10th Anniversary. 10 Landmark Productions. Belarus Free Theatre Are Back in London!

10th Anniversary. 10 Landmark Productions. Belarus Free Theatre Are Back in London!


Belarus Free Theatre: Staging a Revolution | 2-14 November

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From 2-14 November, Belarus Free Theatre present Staging a Revolution, a festival of performances and discussions in London featuring some of their most acclaimed original productions, reinvigorated classics and the world premiere of their brand new work, Time of Women.

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BFT are banned in their own country. Their audiences in Minsk receive a text just hours before the show telling them to meet at a secret location. They bring their passports in case of KGB raids and arrest. Experience what it’s like to be a part of the bravest audience in the world.


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Tickets are now sold out but you can still catch the programme of events, as all performances and discussions will be live streamed for FREE!

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