Don't Miss the UK Premiere of TOOT: Be Here Now at Shoreditch Town Hall

Don’t Miss the UK Premiere of TOOT: Be Here Now at Shoreditch Town Hall

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TOOT presents Be Here Now, an irreverently comic yet tender look at how music seeps into and influences our lives…

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Shoreditch Town Hall hosts a celebration of the irresistible power of pop – a combination of pumping nineties beats, suspect dance routines and angsty shoe-gazing – and an examination of how that song will forever ignite heady feelings of love lost and won…

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Prepare to be completely, unapologetically immersed in a world of CDs, cassettes and videotapes; a return to the days of rewinding, fast-forwarding and pausing fantasies, memories, the rawness of love and the music that defines it. TOOT invites you to hit repeat and relive those scenes you play over and over in your head, the moments you can’t change…

Be Here Now – at once playful and chaotic – takes you on a journey back through time, to your teenage bedroom: laying amid the CD cases, surrounded by posters, a half-written love letter by your side… waiting for it, whatever it is, to happen.

Created and performed by Stuart Barter, Clare Dunn & Terry O’Donovan with a soundtrack of original (and some not-so-original) tunes, this promises to be a loving/hating/yearning re-imagination of those heady days of 90s youth – right up our street!

TOOT: Be Here Now | Shoreditch Town Hall | 17 – 28 June | 7:30pm | £11