Interview with Barbu’s Antoine Carabinier Lépine


We caught up with Antoine from Cirque Alfonse to talk about BARBU, the bearded circus bonanza that we proudly herald as a ★★★★★ delight (Read the review). See the show everyone should be shouting about until 25 September 2016 at London Wonderground on the beautiful South Bank.

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Tell us about your career highlights. What led you to found Cirque Alfonse?

We created Cirque Alfonse in 2005 with my family and friends. By that point we had already worked with all the big companies in Québec (Cirque Éloize, Cirque du Soleil, 7 Fingers) we wanted to do circus our own way.

What makes Cirque Alfonse different?

We combine Traditional Circus with Modern Circus. We try to stay connected with our roots. Cirque Alfonse, it’s a family business with a bunch of friends and we’ve been working together for about 10 years now. We stay true to ourselves.

Barbu acrobatic troupe photocall on the Southbank - London

Barbu acrobatic troupe photocall on the Southbank – London

We have been told that Quebec is a breeding ground for unique circus. What makes the city such an inspiring place to make your work?

Montréal is such a great place to live, I think it’s mainly the people that make it so warm and nice. There are so many different artistic cultures in Montréal and I think it’s a mix of everything together that makes Montréal a great place to create Circus. Not only circus but dance, theater, music… whatever you can think of. Montréal is a unique place for arts!

Your show BARBU is headlining London Wonderground this summer. What should audiences expect to experience?

BARBU is like a circus rave. The first part of BARBU is like an old cabaret with traditional circus skills. Then in the second part anything and everything can happen, its goes more wild with non-traditional circus skills. I’m a multidisciplinary acrobat and will be bringing my beard and craziness to the show so look out for that! It’s really a mix with music from our live band, circus and video as well.

Barbu acrobatic troupe photocall on the Southbank - London Credit: David Jensen

Barbu acrobatic troupe photocall on the Southbank – London

What are your favourite things to do when you’re in London?

We have all been to London before, at least a couple of times, so we’ve done the main tourist attractions already. I think the best thing that I’m looking forward to is having time to experience London like real ‘Londoniens’.


BARBU plays at the Spiegeltent in the London Wonderground until 25 September.

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