Cabaret vs Cancer at Wilton's Music Hall

Ashes to Ashes (Cabaret vs Cancer) – Review – ★★★★★

A dazzling cabaret supporting cancer care that David Bowie would be proud of.

Ashes to Ashes | Wilton’s Music Hall | 28-29 July 2021 | From £11

Cabaret vs Cancer is a pioneering charity headed up by Rose Thorn and presents, Ashes to Ashes a variety spectacular in honour of the world’s greatest entertainer ‘David Bowie’. Benjamin Louche in red finery cranks up the kooks in the crowd singing some hits alongside fangirl backstage anecdotes and musings about Bowie and his legacy.

The sound of Bowie is channeled by the sophisticated vocals of Dusty Limits, powerhouse even unplugged of Em Brulée and the pure punk attitude of Ruby Wednesday. The band are loud and it is incredible to hear the music of David Bowie live in such an atmospheric venue as the Victorian Wilton’s Music Hall.

The circus was top flight with astounding routines from the daring Felipe Reyes on acro-balance and Amazí mixing up the standard hula hoop act into a surprising salacious David delight. Burlesque is shaken into the mix by Vicky Butterfly with wings and the dark divine Eliza Delite.

The standout performance of the night is a mind-blowing Bollywood routine set to an epic Desi Let’s Dance remix from Jaini Haria, Kaajel Patel and Meera Taylor. This performance has to be seen to be believed it is a truly epic feast of beats, Bollywood and Bowie.

Ashes to Ashes is a must-see for Bowie fans and you will be supporting cancer care at the same time.

Ashes to Ashes (Cabaret vs Cancer) - Review – ★★★★★ 4

Photos by Arran Goodchild