To Do List Local - Angel & Islington

To Do List Local – Angel & Islington

New writer Anna Danna presents Angel & Islington’s best quirky cafés, cool cinemas and rambunctious restaurants for you to enjoy!

Screen on the Green

screen on the greenOne of the classic Everyman Cinemas (Vicky from East End Cabaret even put it in her article on favourite London niches), this gem doesn’t disappoint. Screaming at you from its green and red neon signboard above the cinema, you can’t miss this place, and shouldn’t either. Hosting a modest one film a week, we love this place for its bar at the back of the cinema, being able to take drinks to your seats, and the comfy sofa seating. Other thrills are its late night Saturdays, playing classics such as Pulp Fiction and The Truman Show at the devilish hour of 11:30pm.

kipferl islingtonKipferl

Wiener Schnitzel vom Kalb, Blunzngröstl, Käsespätzle! Where else do you hear these words within the dank delimits of London? Located on Camden Passage, one of the nicer passages to traverse on a whimsical weekend, Kipferl is ideal for a mid-shop Kaffee und Kuchen. Go and explore the antique jewellery market and the vintage clothes that line this backstreet boulevard before stopping in to the one and only Kipferl. Selling an Apfelstrudel that will make you wish your mother was Austrian, the authenticity of this café is made all the more evident by the numerous German and Austrian waiters and waitresses; want to know the difference between the kleiner braune and the Melange? – they know it, you got it!


The CoffeeWorks Project

One of the more postmodern cafés about town, this site boasts an overwhelming number of whitewashed walls and pillars. Great for reflection, and catching up with a friend, if you don’t mind the intimate bench-style seating on offer! We love Coffee Works for its ‘Mystery Biscuit’, which has all, yes all the fillings, and its impressive selection of Eastern teas. Oolong is our favourite.

The CoffeeWorks Project


The Breakfast Club

An oldie but a goodie. A hipster haven but the average man’s dream. This place delights everyone. Its French toast with cinnamon and apple has pleased many a friend of mine, and its American-style pancakes are well, just divine. Come on a weekday at irregular hours – the queue has put off many a curious passer-by!


The Wenlock and Essex

Wenlock and Essex

A pub with a rainbow dance floor. Yes you heard us, a rainbow dance floor. Despite being a venue cool enough in décor alone, it then tops its jazzy rainbow lights and vintage theme with its secret backroom hosting DJs on most nights and the odd film night. A great place to grab a bite, have a boogie, or have an illuminated pint with a friend.

The Delhi Grill

A cheap, trendy Indian place on Chapel Market. Offering street food on weekdays, this restaurant is definitely cared for by its owners. Its manager Ashik writes a blog commenting on the contemporary state of Indian food in the psyches of food lovers everywhere. Offering only food ‘cooked properly’ as ‘the customer wouldn’t accept anything less’, the modest selection of food is made up for by the high quality and downright tastiness of its mixed flavours. Come here for cheap nice Indian food and fabulous décor.

The Stringray Café

A little out-of-the-way yes (a short bus ride North of Highbury & Islington station), BUT with huge mouth-watering pizzas for £6.50 and the £5.95 beer and pizza deal after 9pm, this place is well worth the journey. With friendly staff, and an intimate feel, this restaurant provides quality, huge pizzas for extremely good value. Next door is the Da Mario Italian delicatessen, some quaint tea shops, and luscious homes. Come here for a taste of the countryside in London!


Burritos. Brilliant. What more do we need to say?

603076_552409554770594_293754329_nThe Blacksmith and The Toffeemaker

A beautifully decorated pub with a fabulous range of ales, lagers – you name it they’ve got it. A five-minute walk from Angel tube station, you also walk past the impressive brunch destination The Brasserie, Sadler’s Wells, the beautiful vegetarian restaurant The Gate, The Hummingbird Bakery and then some. A lovely walk to a lovely pub.