An Adventure Map by Coney #takemeonanadventure

An Adventure Map by Coney #takemeonanadventure

Coney in association with LIFT presents: An Adventure Map | Venue TBC after booking | Various events, venues, dates and times, 5th July to 22nd August 2012 | £12

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We recommend booking now for this incredible secret adventure which starts in just 3 weeks. Here’s what out of this world experience creators Coney have to say about the adventure…

An Adventure Map is a limited-edition map, containing the key to discovering a collection of interactive theatrical adventures that will be staged across London throughout the summer. Each carefully crafted experience will invite players to rediscover their relationship with the city, uncovered by exploring the map and a corresponding digital world.

Before accessing the map, audiences are first encouraged to attend an hour long theatrical adventure The Departure in the streets of a secret London Zone One location*. Audiences can then be recruited into the shadowy Guild behind The Departure, which entitles them to buy the Adventure Map, either in person or later online.

The beautiful, screen printed map gives the audience a number of free adventures across London that play out over six weeks at times convenient to participants: some can be shared, some can only be done alone. For the keenest members, there are further adventure that can be accessed, and one other, rather special, map.

There is another city where adventures happen, a city which is a few seconds beside London; sometimes ahead, sometimes behind. One city is the other’s tail. If you listen long enough to the automated devices that make the routines of the metropolis – the ticket machines, the clocks, the phone boxes, the automatic sensors – then you’ll see the ways through to the other place. You have to slip through cracks between the automatic, bureaucratic, routine spaces to find your way through. | | #adventuremap | @agencyofconey