Adam Kay's Smutty Christmas To Do List

Adam Kay’s Smutty Christmas To Do List

We caught up with Adam Kay, the lovable rogue with a potty mouth and a rhyming dictionary – he answered us thus…

Be sure to catch Adam Kay’s Smutty Christmas at Leicester Square Theatre tonight (14th December 2012) or tomorrow (15th December 2012) – Click Here for More Info & Tickets!

Hey Adam, what do you most look forward to at Christmas?

It’s the only time of the year I always go back to my parents’ house, so it’s a time of massive nostalgia – essentially it’s like being sixteen again. (My mum shouting at me to do the washing up, and masturbating silently in my bedroom)

Let’s get the shameless promotion out of the way…What event or product of your own would you like to pimp on To Do List?

I would love people to come to my show at the Leicester Square Theatre on Friday 14th / Saturday 15th. Or if not, why not buy a smutty Christmas album at

Have you added any Christmas sparkle to your show at the Leicester Square Theatre?Adam Kay's Smutty Christmas To Do List 1

It’s a Christmas sparkle-fest! A whole show of Christmas pop tunes and carols smuttified.

Tell us about your favourite secret/offbeat places in London?

The Horniman Museum for the strangest collection of Victorian madness, The Delaunay for lunchtime schnitzel, Chiswick House for stunning strolls, The Electric Cinema for watching films in business class and The Old Cinema for window-shopping.

shopfront_high_res_800.jpg_600[1]What offbeat events are on your To Do List in the next month or so?

Next week I’m off for a Blue Badge Guided tour of literary London. I can’t recommend these tours enough: I’ve lived in London my entire life, and every time I go on a Blue Badge tour I’m dazzled by how much I don’t know about the place.

What are your favourite things to do for free or little money in London?

Reading a book in Postman’s Park. Heard of it? Of course you haven’t. It’s my favourite secret place, tucked behind St Paul’s Cathedral.

What’s your ultimate London confession?

I’ve had sex in Admiralty Arch.