6 Need to Know Lessons from Latitude Festival 2016

6 Need to Know Lessons from Latitude Festival 2016


One of the best things about festivals is that excitement that you get when you stumble across something new that tickles your fancy. At Latitude Festival there were no end of stages and tents at which to happen upon something new and unusual – here are our favourite discoveries in 2016:


Main picture: Bridget Minamore

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Laura’s Picks

Colm Mac Con Iomaire

Not something that jumped out when looking through the programme, but the drifting string meldoies of Colm Mac Con Iomaire drew us over to the picturesque Lake Stage where many others were also lounging on the grass and enjoying the gentle complexities of the music – perfect for a sunny Sunday afternoon.

Bridget Minamore

Hanging out in the poetry tent,  the one poet we were really impressed by, who we hadn’t gone specifically to see, was Bridget Minamore. Her poetry was accessible and yet beautiful. She was very down to earth but performed with a quiet intensity that really hooked in the audience. Support Bridget’s work by getting a copy of her new folio for £5 here.


Attracted by the name, we headed over to check out Pixx. 19 year old Hannah Rodgers has got a great voice and some interesting songs. Once she fine tunes her performance style, we think she could be big. One to watch.

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Rupert’s Picks

Christine and the Queens

Ok so maybe we’re not so quick of the mark with this one. However we never thought that the French pop newcomer would be such a joy to watch oozing charisma, playing 90s rave classics/b-boy dancers and getting political about beiug different. Her duet with Perfume Genius was a lovely touch too. VIVE CHRISTINE.  

Much Ado About Bingo

Boogaloo Stu as his 70s Northern TV game show host is a genius at making learning fun with this blend of Bard and Bingo. I learnt a lot of famous cliches have in fact come from that Brummy bloke and I won a parsnip (and then won another for my drawing on the first parsnip).

Crimplene Millionaire by The Derek Daniels Orchestra featuring Katherine Ellis from Derek Daniels on Vimeo.

Dingus Khan

They advertised on a big bin with a shonky sign and we came. Then came the pure punk spirit of mosh pits, catchy as f**k songs with dance routines & an anything goes rock ‘n’ roll atmosphere we haven’t seen for yonks. Dingus Khan is a band, a cult and now our religion.


Did you go to Latitude? Who did you discover?

Leave a comment below with your tips…