Another 5 FREE Things To Do in London!

Another 5 FREE Things To Do in London!

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Escape the Cold & Reconnect with the World


We all know that winter is the worst time to be poor – and in January it’s inevitable for many, as we’ve tried to make that early December pay cover Christmas shopping as well as life for the 6 weeks. Don’t be a stranger, January pay-day!!

In winter, it’s not as easy to just go for a lovely stroll along the Southbank, or sit in Hyde Park and watch the world go by. In winter, it’s easy to hibernate and lose our social skills while we watch the clouds roll by out of the window (wrapped in a blanket because we don’t want to put the heating on). In winter, we’re a bit depressed because Christmas is over and we haven’t seen the sun in weeks…

All the more reason to get out there and get involved!

There are still FREE things to do that don’t involve freezing your tits off – and this little selection might make you feel a bit more like it’s not all doom and gloom…[/vc_column_text][vc_column_text]

The Anti Gallery Gallery Show

The Degrees of Freedom artist collective are trying to push through the confines of the traditional gallery setting. There are 35 artists involved in the project and they are all making work whilst in the gallery, or involving gallery visitors. The art covers a variety of genres but the exhibition as a whole aims to challenge the consumerist and self-indulgent nature of the mainstream art world. Artists and events change frequently, so you could visit every day and hope to see something new!

Catch The Anti Gallery Gallery Show at Espacio Gallery, Shoreditch // Until 29th January


Empirical at Foyles

Didn’t manage to snag an elusive ticket to see PJ Harvey record her new album? Well, along a similar vein but with an arguably more interesting concept, why not head along to Foyles to watch MOBO award-winning jazz group Empirical perform new music! For 6 nights, Empirical open themselves up to feedback from you, the audience. As the band aim to explore their connection with their audience, you will help shape the forthcoming album… and what’s more, it’s free!

Don’t miss Empirical at Foyles, Charing Cross Road // 26th – 31st January @ 6.30pm


Julio Le Parc

Julio Le Parc’s work is playful and yet intelligent. He fills spaces with reflected light in a way which cannot fail to charm. His aim is to engage his audience and change perspectives. Some pieces involve the audience wholly, inviting us in to become a part of the space, others are more to be gazed upon, but all are quite meticulously created, and beautiful. This is very accessible work, just right for cutting through a cold grey day in the capital.

Experience the art of Julio Le Parc at the Serpentine Sackler Gallery // Until 15th February


The Institute of Sexology

Warm yourselves up with the steamy subject of this Wellcome Collection exhibition! Featuring new artwork alongside archival studies and research, the Institute of Sexology aims to reveal the history of the study of sex. The Wellcome Collection never fails to provide visual, accessible exhibitions which educate and illuminate. This one may not be suitable for all ages, but it’s certainly relevant to most of us consenting adults…!

Check out The Institute of Sexology at the Wellcome Collection // Until September 20th 2015.


Angel Comedy

Angel Comedy is on every night of the week at The Camden Head in Angel, and operates by donation only – so you can still go along if you don’t have a penny to your name. Each night has a different slant, from new acts to well-established, and Angel boasts previous names such as Richard Herring, Tim Vine, Simon Munnery, Arthur Smith and Russell Howard.

Have a laugh courtesy of Angel Comedy at Camden Head, Angel // Every night at 8pm