5 Eco Tips from Timberlina ahead of Glory Lates

5 Eco Tips from Timberlina ahead of Glory Lates

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Our favourite bearded drag bingo host and eco-warrior, Timberlina is giving London a dose of empathy and folk wisdom in the final weekend of the General Election campaign.

Timberlina takes over top queer night-spot THE GLORY to present an intimate live solo show of joyous eco-woe, fusing alt-drag with folk rock and blues. Timberlina will perform this set of original songs with a very special guitar that’s rarely made an outing in its 40 year existence, a gift from a practising witch in San Francisco.

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Glory Lates with Timberlina | The Glory, Haggerston | 3 June | 10.30pm | Tickets FREE before 10pm and £6 after – pay on the door


 Here are Timberlina’s 5 top eco tips to make your life better in 2017:

  1. There’s no need for bubbles in washing up.  They’re a travesty. Use (ecological) washing up liquid sparingly and rinse your hair – don’t wash it.
  2. ASK YOUR PUB TO STOP USING PLASTIC STRAWS!  They are the wrath of doom for sea creatures!
  3. Eat less meat and dairy and if you do eat it, keep it local.
  4. Use white vinegar as your perfect everyday household surface cleaner (pop in some lavender or lemon oil to lighten the whiff)
  5. Indulge yourself in a ‘buy nothing’ day at least once a fortnight to feel smugger than ever – reduce, reuse, recycle!