5 Best Cinemas in London to watch Star Wars

5 Best Cinemas in London To Watch Star Wars

No spoilers, just the five best cinemas in London to watch Star Wars + their prices.

All prices quoted are a for a standard adult and include 3D uplift except Science Museum IMAX excluding any booking fees.

1. Genesis Cinema | Mile End | Mon-Weds £5, Thu £8.50 & Fri-Sun £10

A lovely reasonably priced cinema in Mile End – showing Star Wars on Mondays & Wednesdays for just £4 – the cheapest in London we believe.

5 Best Cinemas in London To Watch Star Wars 1

2. Science Museum IMAX | South Kensington | £16.50

The only venue in Europe showing Star Wars in IMAX 15/70mm format, it’s 2D but it’s really big – you see 40% more of the image than regular cinemas.

Science Museum IMAX

3. PeckhamPlex | Peckham Rye | £5.99

The best value by far, this community experience is a great chance to convince non fans to come along for under £6.


4. Picturehouse Central | Piccadilly Circus | £16.50

A glamorous cinema in the west end at last, Picturehouse Central is expensive but if you want all the frills it can be worth it.

5 Best Cinemas in London To Watch Star Wars 2

5. Cineworld O2 Superscreen | North Greenwich | £14.90

Great value big screen at the O2, we love the VIP balcony with couples seating and a table…

CINEWORLD O2 Superscreen

Did we miss one of the best cinemas in london to watch Star Wars? Why not leave a comment below with your thoughts…