Cassie Atkinson Presents: 5 Alternative Comedy Videos We Love

Cassie Atkinson Presents: 5 Alternative Comedy Videos We Love

The Internet is a vast cavern and hidden inside are little gems of alternative comedy sketches – and whenever we find one we get very excited and shoot lasers from our boobs*.

Once we’ve done that we – the Spectacular Spectrum of Now gang – load them up and play them to our nearest and dearest at our alternative comedy nights:

The Spectacular Spectrum of Now | Thursday 15th September, 8pm | The Star of Kings – 126 York Way, London N1 0AX

*Boobs not compulsory.

Here are 5 of our many faves you can find online: 

Seldom Differ – Looking for Keegan

‘Right in’t goal!’ – Kevin Keegan at his best.

Lazy Susan – Smell Investigators

Lazy Susan are brilliant and we can watch this sketch on loop.

Sami Abusamra – Green

‘I’ve got a big cock!’

GREEN (short version) from Sami Abusamra on Vimeo.

The Rubberbandits – Spoiling Ivan

The smartest, most covered in plastic men in town.

Peter Serafinowicz & Robert Popper – Building A Human

There’s even space for the comedy big guns to do something very funny with old footage on the WWW – and it’s everything it should be.

And if you want to get greedy and comedy binge, your first ports of call should be Mr Box & Turtle Canyon on YouTube – so many videos, never enough time!