Free 3D Film Masterclass with Stuart Warren-Hill at BFI

Free 3D Film Masterclass with Stuart Warren-Hill at BFI

Nintendo 3DS & The BFI Present ‘A 3D Masterclass with Stuart Warren-Hill’ | BFI Southbank | 11 August | 11am

Thanks to the BFI and Nintendo for telling us about this awesome free 3D film event:

Audio visual artist and innovator Stuart Warren-Hill (Hexstatic, Holotronica), will give a special 3D film Masterclass at BFI Southbank, on 11th August, utilising Nintendo 3DS and 3DS XL technology.

Presenting a selection of his AV work from Hexstatic and its evolution into his most recent Holotronica projects, Warren-Hill will present clips from his 3D Blu-Ray project and demo different 3D and holographic display technologies he’s been using, including the development of Hologauze, which creates 3D holographic effects in front of you.

He will also provide tips on 3D composition, lighting and how to go about maximising 3D effects. In addition, he hopes to create an on the spot short AV piece, shooting and editing a stereoscopic visual to create a simple musical rhythm.  Not to be missed!

The class will be filmed and made available online. The FREE event is open to anyone interested in experiencing 3D technology and there will be an opportunity to experience the Nintendo 3DS film software.

Spaces can be reserved on a first come, first served basis by emailing:

In addition to this Masterclass and as part of their wider partnership this Autumn, Nintendo and the BFI are working together on a number of exciting new 3D content projects, details of which will be announced soon.

About Stuart Warren-Hill

UK-based Stuart Warren-Hill is an audio-visual artist and Innovator in the field of electronic music and visual media. Founder of Hexstatic, Holotronica and co-founder of the Big Chill, Stuart has been pushing AV boundaries since the early 1990’s.  You can find out more about Holotronica and Hexstatic at and