24 Hour Panel People – Free Tickets for London Filming

Loserville groaned as received a BBC press release about the impending Comic Relief telethon on Saturday 5th March. However, the press release spoke of actually a rather brilliant idea. This is 24 Hour Panel People – a 24 hour comedy panel show with rotating special guest panelists as fronted by David Walliams. 24 hours of witty banter, this  comedy crusade reminded us of the Mark Watson 24 hour stand up  experiment at the Edinburgh Fringe a couple of years ago. He babbled hilariously to a sold-out house for 24 hours about anything which came into his head. We hope David Walliams can live up to this without resorting to an enslaught of funny/slightly racist voices.

Anyhoo tickets are free through audience agency Standing Room Only and the slots for audience are only 2 hours long, so you probably wont find it too much of an ordeal. And the number of celebrity guests should be huge so there might be some greats in your sitting. We think we’re going to go for the 3am slot on the Sunday morning!

Click here for free tickets to 24 Hour Panel People