2019 Musical Comedy Awards Review

2019 Musical Comedy Awards Review

To Do List – in the form of Editor Rupert – returned for a second stint judging the annual Musical Comedy Awards last weekend.

We review the winners, and our other favourite acts!

WINNER: Katie Pritchard

2019 Musical Comedy Awards Review 1

A triple threat – actress, musician, and comedian – Katie Pritchard brings an Elf Lyons-esque surreality to proceedings, mining unlikely topics such as Joan of Arc for rich comic material.

It can be hard going fairly early in an 11-act line-up, but Pritchard left a lasting impression – her energy levels were unsurpassed, and her vocals – so often a weakness in musical comedy acts – were perhaps the most impressive of the night!

Runners-Up: Stepdads

2019 Musical Comedy Awards Review 2

Sat firmly at the extreme far end of the BIZARRO spectrum, this kooky-doesn’t-cover-it double act weirded their way into second place.

Stepdads are funny in an almost inexplicable way – if you tried to copy them, you’d fail miserably. No doubt there’s thousands of hours of hard work behind the seemingly slapdash amateurishness – or perhaps this all just comes naturally too the, It’s tightrope-walking stuff, always on the edge of disaster, but determinedly staying upright. Somehow.

Third Place & Audience Favourite Winners: Maris Piper

2019 Musical Comedy Awards Review 3

Perhaps smooth and polished doesn’t win the race, but Maris Piper were the silkiest, lump-free mashed potato topping on the MCA pie this year. What felt like a home-crowd atmosphere swept them to the audience prize, and they deserved it.

Sure, changing the lyrics to well-known songs might not be the work of genius, but actually it’s surprisingly hard to do well – and to string a number of recognisable tunes together, with witty, cleverly penned re-wording, is not to be sniffed at.

There were some laser-guided jokes about millennials, and a neat section about the MCA’s themselves – and the inch-perfect, rollicking ride brought the house down. All spud, no dud!

Honourable Mentions

Charlie Partridge

2019 Musical Comedy Awards Review 4

Overcoming some tech difficulties with such infectious determination, Charlie Partridge won our vote for refusing to give in – and maintaining his hilarious character throughout.

Silly voices, loop samples and that dodgy (or is it?) German accent – what’s not to love?

The Dragprov Revue

2019 Musical Comedy Awards Review 5

Combining drag and improv sounds like a winner – and though it’s a risky game pitching up to a competition with nothing planned, it sure shows confidence!

A five minute slot is hardly the best showcase for this kind of comedy, so we expect The Dragrpov Revue to flourish outside the confines of a strict time limit – it’s easy to imagine this going down a storm in a late-night Edinburgh Fringe slot. Keep an eye out for these musical japesters – you heard it here first!