2 for 1 tickets for Dennis of Penge at Ovalhouse

2 for 1 tickets for Dennis of Penge at Ovalhouse

We’ve got an exclusive offer for the upcoming oddball hit Dennis of Penge at Ovalhouse.

Dennis of Penge | Ovalhouse | Wednesday 26 September-Saturday 6 October 2018 | £15/10

2-4-1 code valid until Saturday 29 September: DENNIS241

Dennis of Penge is part gig, part poetry, part theatre performance, all transcendent.

Dennis of Penge trailer, edited by Claire Nolan from Annie Siddons on Vimeo.

“No matter how shit your day has been
No matter how low the world wants to make you
No matter if the money came from the back of the sofa
No matter if no-one respects you
No matter if you haven’t been touched in a sex way for a while
No matter if your ideas go unheard, or even unspoken cos you’re shy Fantastic Melly’s Chicken is a church that welcomes all, salves all, in its delicious opiate salty battery wings.
Its cross, the fluorescent perky cock’s face
you see it, you know you’re welcome and will find solace.
You won’t be judged. You will be redeemed. Ready to face the next bit of the shit that life spits.
You’re a small god.”

Loosely inspired by Euripides’ the Bacchae. Dennis of Penge is about poverty, addiction, friendship, ecstasy, chicken shops, love & SE20.