Anchored in Air - (c) Brighton Festival

13 Unmissable Outdoor Arts Shows You Can See For Free From Without Walls

Here’s a run down of the spectacular Without Walls artists changing up your everyday you can see for free at festivals all over the UK including…

13 Unmissable Outdoor Arts Shows You Can See For Free From Without Walls 1

Bureau of Silly Ideas – Watercycle

Watercycle transforms the familiar and trusted water gun fun of the fairground into the unsettled chaos of climate change. Direct participation and intergenerational collaboration is the only way to avert further disaster.

Chad Taylor – Closer to my Dreams

Closer To My Dreams is the journey of two young black brothers from inner-city Hulme, describing their trials and tribulations to pursue their dream of becoming professional dancers. Will they succeed with the odds stacked against them?

Head over Wheels – Anchored in Air (pictured above)

Anchored in Air is a new innovative inclusive aerial show. Using circus, a flying wheelchair, dance and live music, a trio of disabled and non-disabled multidisciplinary performers explore what weighs us down and what empowers us.

Inspirate – Ancient Giants

Gods & Demons from ancient South Asian tales are brought to life in a family friendly street theatre show, creating a visual spectacle of giant puppetry, martial arts, dance and physical storytelling.


Jeanefer Jean-Charles & Associates – Patois

Patois explores Jean-Charles’ relationship with the language and heritage of her St Lucian mother. Jeanefer rarely speaks a language that is heard but never written. Reawakening hidden voices, it questions identity and a loss of cultural recognition.

JW3 & The Great Yiddish Parade – The Great Yiddish Parade

A marching, musical creation bringing together an awesome Klezmer big band, singers, street theatre, & public participation against a backdrop of the immigrant social protests of the Victorian East End, showcasing Yiddish language, music & culture

13 Unmissable Outdoor Arts Shows You Can See For Free From Without Walls 2

NoFit State Circus – Bamboo

A spectacular new high-impact, high-skill outdoor circus production using only bamboo and human bodies – revealing the fragility and beauty of our interconnected and interdependent life on this planet. Suitable for audiences of 400 to 2000.

Mark Anderson, in collaboration with Liam Walsh – Warning Notes

Warning Notes is an ensemble of visually striking sound installations/mechanical ‘instruments’ which create a rich and powerful soundscape giving voice to the current social and ecological alarm that ripples across our world.

Perhaps Contraption – The Journey

A jubilant, curious journey which is mapped to a city or festival. Featuring original music, parades, 9 musicians, 1 visual vernacular performer, choreography and a narrative which celebrates communities coming together to do extraordinary things.

13 Unmissable Outdoor Arts Shows You Can See For Free From Without Walls 3
Betty Brown Bags (c) David Pickens

Phoebe Ophelia Company – Betty Brown Bags

Inspired by a traditional folk play from Lancaster, ‘Betty Brown Bags’ and her musical sidekick Billy celebrate the strength and resilience of Northern working class culture. An All singing, dancing, sword fighting interactive show for all ages!

Tit for Tat Circus – Now I am become deaf (Destroyer of Worlds)

With creative sound, physical theatre, clown technique, juggling and equilibristic stunts; this project celebrates a deaf creative – caught between hearing society and Deaf Culture whilst belonging to neither, finding their home between worlds.

Tom Bailey – Mechanimal – Crap at Animals

Award-winning artist Tom Bailey creates “Crap at Animals”, an outdoor show exploring biodiversity loss through physical theatre & clowning. It challenges perspectives, promotes sustainability, and tackles the climate crisis by raising awareness.

World Kiosk
World Kiosk

Variable Matter – World Kiosk

World Kiosk is a touring artist installation that you can listen and contribute to a living archive of hyper local stories. Designed for unusual and hidden spaces in cities, rural environments and festivals – a space of togetherness and magic.

Thanks to Phoebe Cave at CNC and Without Walls for help with this post