11 Latitude Festival acts you must see in London

11 Latitude Festival acts you must see in London

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We had a baaaaaaaaall at Latitude Festival this year.

Here are our top discoveries and their next dates in London/elsewhere in the UK…


Future music pioneer Chagall combined a gorgeous mix of tech, soulful song and gorgeous visuals. After a rocky first 5 minutes of equipment woes, the Amsterdam born Londoner rocked the tech to create something truly visionary. We hope this is what the future is like.

Lubomyr Melnick

Composer supremo Lubomyr Melnick is anathema to the corporate world of festival going – you can’t even buy his music online! Melnick’s one-of-a-kind continuous piano compositions were a delight to behold and a truly mesmerising start to Sunday morning at Latitude festival.



The exquisite sound of Lubomyr Melnyk @latitudefest


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Beans on Toast

Protest-driven folk delivered by a drunk geezer with a cap. The lyrics hit hard and make you think, whilst also being funny, and BoT remains irresistibly likeable throughout.

Check when Beans on Toast is next on



LATITUDE Family friendly set tomorrow at MIDDAY SUNRISE ARENA Wake up!!! @latitudefest @gotrofficial

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Desiree Burch

This was the second time we’ve seen Desiree Burch. She was utterly charming and shone as a stand up, attacking tough subject matter with ease.

See Desiree’s show ‘Unf*ckable’ at Edinburgh Fringe




If you LOVE Desiree Burch @destheray, lets face it, who wouldn’t.. โ€ข …please follow here on Instagram @destheray and on her ‘official fan page’ on facebook for details on tours/gigs/special appearance, videos, laughs and much much more. Link- www.facebook.com/desireeburchfanpage๐ŸŒŸ โ€ข Obviously, feel free to invite your friends to experience her honest, upfront & truthful comedy; especially those who love to laugh at life, those who like to laugh & philosophize simultaneously, those who like a bit of physics and chemistry thrust into laughter….and particularly those who might learn a thing or two from what Desiree has to say….!! ๐Ÿ˜„๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜Š โ€ข You can also find her on twitter @destheray and Find Videos on YouTube from ‘This is evolution’, ‘Tar Baby: Let’s Beat the Shit Out of Racism ‘, ’52 Man Pick Up’ and ‘Untitled Feminist Show’ and other standup appearances! ๐ŸŽ™๐Ÿ’›๐ŸŽฌ๐ŸŽญ๐Ÿ“บ โ€ข For lots of info on Desiree please go to her website; www.desireeburch.com Includes details on gigs, tours, bookings, reviews and press pages. โ€ข Desiree will be in Edinburgh through till the 29th at Bob’s Blundabus – Venue 212 – Potterrow Underpass ๐Ÿ˜‚ Tickets available from the Edinburgh Festival Fringe website or PWYW at the gig (if you can squeeze on the bus of course! heh! ) www.tickets.edfringe.com โ€ข #desireeburch #destheray #thisisevolution #edfringe #edfringe16 #tarbaby #52manpickup #bobsblundabus #blundabus #funnywomen #funnywoman #fringefirstawardwinner #comedy #theatre #standup #improv #quantumphysics #adultlescence


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Colin Hoult as Anna Mann

Seasoned actress drag sensation Anna Mann is hilariously odd. She makes audience participation look so easy and gets the crowd guffawing.

See Colin/Anna’s new show How to stop the fascists at Edinburgh Fringe and in London previews

Next preview is Thurs night! Colin Hoult at @batterseaartscentre. Tix at bac.org.uk

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A thrilling first listen to this offbeat girl-fronted band that has taken over our Spotify. ‘The Age of Anxiety’ (the perfect title for 2017), the bands main album is a masterpiece of catchy pop with an alternative edge. Our fave tracks are Waterslides and I Bow Down. Pixx are going to be BIG!

See Pixx’ live dates here



Pixx at #latitudefestival


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Daniel Simonsen

Dry as unbuttered toast, Daniel Simonsen really got us laughing with his hilarious slow paced weirdo comedy.

See Daniel at the Camden Fringe


We thought these guys might be just a tad pretentious on hearing the hype. Well, we were wrong – they delivered a charged, loud and loaded gig for the puritans out there, not forgetting the post-punk queer performance side of this multi-faceted young band.

See the band’s dates here



HMLTD #hmltd #latitudefestival @hmltd

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Hot Brown Honey

HBH did not disappoint in their quest to bring tribal feminist cabaret with a social conscience to Suffolk. The all-female clan’s skills in circus, beatboxing, dance and music are outstanding and make for a riotous hour of protest against the power.

See the show at the Edinburgh Fringe



More of the stunning Hot Brown Honey! #latitude #hbh #hotbrownhoney

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Sh!t Theatre

Alternative theatre funsters Sh!t Theatre’s new show about Dolly Parton (and Dolly The Sheep) was a triumph at Latitude. A few bugs needed ironing out but we can see this being a big hit at Edinburgh Fringe this year and could expect to give it โ˜…โ˜…โ˜…โ˜…โ˜…. Expect a touching tribute to Dolly; the woman, the brand and the animal.

See the show at the Edinburgh Fringe or in previews in London



The lads are coming home โ€ข #dollyparton #dollywould #whatwoulddollydo


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My Dad Wrote a Porno

Hilarious binge of cringe porn lit read by this likeable gang of Jamie Morton (whose Dad wrote the porno) and his best mates, James Cooper and Radio 1 DJ Alice Levine. Expect innuendo galore.

See all the live dates here