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11 hot London food stars revealed by DEFRA

London is the capital of YUM! We are loving these 11 London start-ups who have made the list of the UK’s 50 most promising food and drink entrepreneurs.

They are to be recognised as London Food Stars in a new government initiative from DEFRA.

The list includes a deliciously varied line up from gourmet popcorn to not dogs hotdogs, sink your teeth in and support these amazing entrepreneurs!

1. Duke of Delhi

duke of delhi

Handmade Bombay mixes and Bombay Mix Chocolate bars.

2. Goodnesse Ltd


Makers of Ohso, dark 53% cocoa healthy Belgian chocolate.

3. Jealous Sweets

jealous sweets

100% vegetarian and gluten free luxury candy.

4. Joe & Seph’s Popcorn

joe & sephs

Handmade using all natural ingredients in 40 flavours.

5. Killer Tomato

Killer Tomato

Mexican-inspired, veg-centric street food.

6. Not Dogs


food truck serving meaty dogs without the meat.

7. Rebel Kitchen


Dairy-free coconut ‘mylks’.

8. Rubies in the Rubble

rubies in the rubble

Preserves made from otherwise discarded fruit and veg. Rubies in the Rubble has come up with a unique way to tackle food waste and create top-quality produce by making chutneys and preserves from ingredients that would otherwise be thrown away.

9. Sandows

sandows cold brew coffee

Cold Brew Coffee crafted in a London brewery.

10. Savse Smoothies


100% natural, cold-pressed fruit and vegetable smoothies.

11. Sweet Virtues

sweet virtues

Award-winning Handmade Superfood Truffles.

Here’s a quick Vine recap:

Thanks to the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs for sending us info about these great food entrepreneurs.