10 Offbeat Things To See & Do at Latitude Festival 2015

10 Offbeat Things To See & Do at Latitude Festival 2015

That mighty culture beast is back, Latitude Festival is bigger than ever. We’re there for a little bit this weekend and can’t wait!

However, if you might already have seen just how massive the printed programme is – so this year we thought we’d share what caught our eye, with an emphasis on some off-the-beaten-track gems…

Perfect your backstroke in the lake!

This year is the first year you can (legally) splash around in Latitude’s famous and often photographed lake.

Dance to the beat of Le Galaxie 

These synth-pop bandits are sure to keep the party moving into the night.

Watch a film all about the fun of the fair 

We love fairgrounds, circus entertainment, freak shows, variety performances, music hall and seaside entertainment so we can’t wait to check out this new documentary.

Catch some African British theatre by Tiata Fahodzi 

We’re hooked by the fascinating idea of a kaleidoscopic tale of a father & son’s relationship, without words or sounds.

Learn how to deal with information overload

A professor of brain stress & a neuro-coach discuss and try to fix our info-addled brains at the Wellcome Trust hub.

Go on a cabaret binge 

With appearances from cabaret royalty Le Gateau Chocolat, Dickie Beau, Margaret Thatcher Queen of Soho as well as great Latitude newcomers like Yve Blake, Massive Dad & Rhys Nicholson, the cabaret tent is one of THE places to be!

Catch some shade & discover something unexpected in The Faraway Forest

The Faraway Forest could be a festival on its own. Keep an eye out for: DashArts’ time travelling Russian Dacha, Clean Break’s Sweatbox – in a prison van! – and top notch alternative performance in The Little House.

Meet Toilet Guy

Self explanatory.

Or is it?

Discover LAVISH

An eclectic mix of film, music & live performance – we can’t wait to check this out.

Enrich your soul with Naomi Shelton & The Gospel Queens

We love Naomi’s voice and think she just might be the highlight of Sunday at Latitude.

We hope we’ve inspired you to really dig into the depths of the massive Latitude Festival, to discover & support something new.

Main Photo Credit: Commonorgarden via Compfight cc