🦇💩 London is the 'Batshit Crazy' Capital of the World, and here's why we love it!

🦇💩 London is the ‘Batshit Crazy’ Capital of the World, and here’s why we love it!

We thought we’d share a typical week in the batshit crazy world of London in 2017!

The future may be pretty depressing but London doesn’t give in – it just gets WEIRD & WONDERFUL!

NOW 17 at The Yard Theatre

We are always excited to experience the future of performance at The Yard’s annual festival of new live projects, NOW. This year’s selection of 5 weeks of new voices and oddball antics has not disappointed one bit. We loved experiencing Week 3’s action, including a space odyssey of discovery by newcomer Marion Burge and the pure sweaty energy of Rachael Young’s OUT. The latter confused us a little with 20 minutes of live orange peeling. But hey maybe WTF is the new narrative.

Go batshit: Head to The Yard Theatre for 2 more weeks of the NOW 17 festival!

The Sick of the Fringe

The Sick of the Fringe (TSOTF) was a takeover of Euston’s famous Wellcome Collection by wacky artists, comedians and healthcare professionals. Brian Lobel and Tracy Gentles curated a space for discussions on what the arts could do better to connect with health. We saw a glorious showcase of comedy ranging through 8 decades of life, from 14 year old Grace the Former Child to the hostess with the mostest Lynn Ruth Miller (83 years young).

Our next adventure was with Daniel Oliver‘s Weird Séance – a bonkers blend of Super Furry Animals gig and 60s naturist happening fused into the perfect blend of batshit.

Brian and Tracy describe TSOTF…

See the hilarious Grace…

Go batshit: Explore the Wellcome Collection Reading Room for a central London mecca for the medical, morbid and bizarre.

Prom Kween at VAULT Festival

Descending into the Leake Street tunnel is one of those London moments that make me proud to be a Londoner. This cavern of weird and wonderful performance has been running for a good few years now but has reached a new level of greatness. We headed into the depths to see a phenomenal work-in-progress musical from the people behind Dizney Rascal and Margaret Thatcher; Queen of Soho. The atmosphere was electric, with a camp soundtrack to get the crowd going – and then the moment of truth came. The show itself, whilst still endearingly rough around the edges, is a rollicking mash-up of hilarious big musical numbers, a few well-known pop classics, a healthy dose of RuPaul realness and a heart-warming story engagingly told.

Go batshit: See something bonkers  before the VAULT Festival packs up on 5 March 2017.

What batshit crazy thing have you taken part in London lately? Leave a comment below with your experience.